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2022 Bottle Drive was a SUCCESS - Thank You!!! Keep mailing in those Redemption Tickets...

The 2022 Bottle Drive was a


Thank You all!

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Here are some photos of the great work so far...  We have been lucky enough to have the support of our local schools, High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center and our community.
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Bottle by bottle, can by can, each little by little is all part of the overall donation made.  Throughout the year we attend community events where we have been allowed to set up collection tables.  Please visit often and follow along to see what’s new and how we are doing.

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​​      - Please mail your redemption tickets to our P.O. Box.

Bottle It Up Inc., a not for profit tax-exempt organization under IRS Section 501 (c)(3)

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Bottle It Up!  is a program we started by collecting bottles and cans with a CT .05 cent redemption label and bringing them to our local redemption facilities.  With the funds being collected, 100% is then donated to the Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital through their Closer to Free Fund.