Welcome to the 2018 Annual Bottle Drive. 

​​This year we want to again thank Clean In Between for donating the dumpster for the week of April 28th - May 5th.  Located at the Westbrook Town Hall where you can drop off your CT .05 redeemable bottles/cans.

This year we are happy to announce that on May 5th we will be having a 2-mile "Family Fun Walk" to celebrate the great progress of Bottle It Up! and promote wellness.  Bring your family, friends and co-workers for a day of fun and stroll along the Beach to support "Bottle it up!" and together "let's put a cap on cancer".   To join us for a great cause and if you want to help put a cap on cancer, please register by clicking "Add to Cart", select the number of walkers that will be joining us.  The cost is $10.00 per walker and 100% will donated to Smilow, Closer to Free Fund.  If you pre-register, you will receive a T-Shirt on the day of the event.  A receipt will be emailed to you once you have registered.    If you prefer to register by mail, please (CLICK HERE) to print a registration form and mail to PO BOX 1181, Westbrook, CT 06498.  

 On the day of the event (May 5, 2018), please proceed to the registration table to sign in.

(Walker Registration)

 Register to Become a Bottle It Up! Sponsor 

To date we have raised and donated over $18,000 to Smilow Closer to Free Fund.  Thank you again to all our sponsors, supporters, and volunteers that made last years Bottle It Up! drive such a huge success.  We showed our gratitude by thanking you with Town banners on the green, named on our website supporters page, and any promotional material printed along with name on T-Shirts.  

The cost to sponsor and help find a cure is $100.00.

Please click the "Donate" button below and in the "Note" section provide organization/family name .

To submit logo, please email to bottleitupfund@gmail.com

(Sponsor Donation)

Sponsors must remit payment and logo by April 25th.

If unable to supply a logo, we'll be happy to list the name of your company/organization proudly.

If you prefer to Sponsor by mail, please (CLICK HERE) to print a registration form and mail to PO BOX 1181, Westbrook, CT 06498. 

  Live Music on the Saturday the 5th provided by              Wendy & Gordon Ingram, Chris Funk          and Mark Koschwitz.

​Saturday - May 5, 2018 - Westbrook Town Hall Family FUN WALK​ -10am

Week of April 28th - May 5th

drop Bottles/Cans at Westbrook Town Hall.