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From "Westbrook Events V16 Q1 2017":

First Selectman’s Corner

Westbrook is a community that consistently reaches out to provide support for families and friends in need of assistance.  It is always encouraging to note that one of the many advantages of living in a small community is how many of our residents come forward and take the initiative to organize events that mobilize efforts to respond to a compelling need.

Sometimes it is a young person who finds a way to support a great cause. As an elementary student, Matthew Scotella, with his younger brothers, started raising money for a cause. His courage and optimism has inspired others. I urge you to participate in this initiative and thank you in advance for your willingness to support this noble cause.

I direct your attention to the following communication written by Jennifer Waldron. Ms. Waldron is the parent of a Westbrook student and currently President of the Middle School PTA. “I am so proud to announce the first annual Bottle It Up!  Community Bottle Drive! Bottle It Up! is a local charitable organization founded by fourteen-year-old Matthew Scotella. When Matthew was 9 years old he lost his beloved 4th grade teacher Joanne Murray to cancer, he found it difficult to understand and grieve. Matthew’s mom, Jennifer Curley, suggested he have something positive come from something so sad and together founded Bottle It Up! 

The organization collects .05 CT redeemable bottles and cans and then donates all proceeds to the Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital Closer to Free Fund.  

 In the past five years Matthew, along with his brothers Andrew and James, have brought their cause to the Westbrook Schools, as well as High Hopes Therapeutic Riding Center Old Lyme and Anthem Insurance Company, to join in raising awareness and help collect bottles for a great cause. Together they have raised over $5,500, all of which was donated to the Closer to Free Fund.  

Now the cause is even closer to all our hearts as Matthew himself was diagnosed with cancer. It is now our turn to help grow his foundation and continue the battle to put a cap on cancer and find a cure for all who battle!

The Community Bottle Drive will be held from April 23rf through 29th at the Westbrook Town Hall.

There will be dumpsters placed on property for people to drop off their bottles and cans. On Saturday April 29th, we will have volunteers on-site to take the bottles and redeem them, as well as raffles and free food.  We will have t-shirts made up and are looking for local businesses to offer sponsorship. Anyone interested in volunteering or being a sponsor of this event should contact Jennifer Waldron at ice_jen@yahoo. com or 203-640-0741. Please visit the website at for more information and follow us on Twitter @caponcancer. Please start saving your bottles today or collecting your redemption slips to donate to Bottle It Up! Together we can work to put a cap on cancer once and for all!

 Noel Bishop, First Selectman

Community Bottle Drive

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        Bottle Drive            April 23rd - 29th 2017

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